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Ross Finck

  Cape Town

Ross Finck has been in the Cape Town electronic scene for years, collaborating with local artists such as Rebel Clef, Card On Spokes, Disco, The Baker man,Liver, as well as international rappers such as Cerebral Vortex and NoN Genetic. One half of Sedge Warbler, and Se?food. He produces Low slung wonky Bass music using mainly analogue gear to create beats of a futurist nature. Ross' productions range from downtempo electronica, to head nodding wonk, showing diversity in his approach to beatmaking/production. He is a self-proclaimed lover of vintage analogue synths and hiphop influenced future beats. Affiliated with the African Dope label,Skanky Panky,710 records and NAAS he runs a commercial production studio in central Cape Town specialising in Pro mixing and mastering and composition for film and TV, spending most of his time in the lab churning out his signature sound with a pervasive mischief that is always present.

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