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  Cape Town

Nazieg Iseppi AKA Narch is a experimental electronic producer. Hailed as one of the godfathers of the Cape Town underground, he is know internationally for his dirty dark sound and deep, encompassing energy. His style is bold and instantly recognisable. In the early parts of his music career he’ll mostly be recognised for his involvement in the PHFAT projects such as 'Dinosaur Blood’, ‘You’r Going To Die”, “Happiness Machines”. Tracks to highlight would be his collaboration with Nonku Phiri in the PHFAT song titled ‘Lights Out ft. JungFreud” which has seen major national and international success, topping local radio charts and as far as being dubbed a ‘Youth Anthem’ by some . His diversity's apparent with the 'Nonki Phiri’ track titled ‘Things We Do On The Weekend”. A unique approach on Kwaito which again topped charts nationally and internationally. Adding to the list would be his involvement in 5fm’s “Mashlab” series claiming title Mashlab of the Year 2015 for his production in the Track “PHFAT & Albairre” titled “Caviar Dreams”. What we'll do now is just wait and see what this producer will put out next.

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