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Jumping Back Slash


Hello I’m Jumping BackSlash. I was born in the UK butI have been based in South Africa since 2007. I grew up in the 90s rave scene back in the UK and on my örstday in Cape TownI heard ‘BazoomBase’ by DJ Sdoko coming out of that record shop in the Golden Acre (Iforgetit’sname) and I was hooked. IIn 2010 I released a tune called ‘KwaaiSneakers’ on London based Pollinate Records which got the attention of a few people. Since then, I have released various tracks and EPs on labels suchas Enchufada, Enchufada, Pollinate, Loose Squares and Shade leaf and I have garneredsup-port from lovely people like AuntieFlo, Esaand Mervin Granger, Branko, FaltyDL, Braille, Sepalcure, ScratchaDVA, Mosca , DJSimbad, TotallyEnor-mousExtinctDinosaurs, AlexanderNut, LV, ChrissyMurderbot, Jackmaster, TekiLatex, and BenjiB to name a few.In 2014 I co-produced and mixed the debut Fantasma LP and this year I have been coproducing the next Spoek Mathambo LP aswell as working on my second LP

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