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Daniel Lobel

  Cape Town

Daniel Lobel is a Music Composer and Producer based in Cape Town, South Africa. Working within the music industry for over 12 years, he has gained a wealth of knowledge in all aspects; from sound design and production to the eventing side of the business. Daniel’s motto of ‘innovate don’t imitate’ has seen him become one of SA's fastest rising electronic musicians. His reputation for cutting-edge sound has seen him not only collaborate with other producers and musical acts, but also produce albums and soundscapes for well-known artists too. Fundamentally, an electronic musician and producer, Daniel understands what an artist and client is looking to create—and can manage the process from conception to the final product. Versed in variable styles, he spans the spectrum from commercial to niche, and can create a jingle or backing track as smoothly and creatively as he can a Dance record. Daniel’s multi-faceted skill set allows him to produce work for every aspect of the music and audio business, including local and international media. With an unrivalled attention to detail, he is able to transform his clients’ ideas into a high-quality reality—whatever the format?.

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