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Bobby James III

  Cape Town

Bobby James III (emcee alias), The alter ego of Bob Mukendi is a Johannesburg-based producer and emcee currently paving his way into the beat scene. Drawing inspiration from triphop, hip hop, a dash of trap, ambient, experimental, industrial and everyday sounds to chopped up scenes and voxies from movies, series and interviews - Bob creates a unique blend of sounds that resembles almost nothing you’re usually used to hearing. Going under the producer name thirdxjames (pronounced third james), Bob has been composing music since 2007. 2015 and 2016 saw him release two EPs which somewhat brought him to the realisation that he wants to turn his hobby and passion into his daily bread and butter. Since that is still a far way to go, adding to the continuous struggle to maintain a 9-5, Bob freelances in photography and design which allows him to eat, while starving. With his third EP currently in the works, Bob’s goal is to keep pushing genre boundaries, which ultimately keeps things exciting and the passion alive.

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