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Big Space

  Cape Town

Big Space is one of a handful of talented young producer / DJ’s who are pushing the boundaries of house and techno in the Mother City Cape Town. Known to be outspoken and controversial, at times, he’s a symbol for a generation of electronic music heads who view the establishment with irreverence.” THELOSTANDFOUND.CO.ZA “What is however undisputable is that Big Space has garnered a large following of fans ready to get down to the authentic Afro-house grooves he commands.” MBLIFE.CO.ZA Producer, DJ and songwriter Big Space hails from Lesotho via Cape Town, South Africa. Having worked with the likes of Schlacthofbronx, Scratcha DVA, and Spoek Mathambo on celebrated releases in Europe and collaborations with 7FT Sound system, Leeu, Jumping Back Slash in South Africa. Big Space creates anti-gravitational house, often dirty in sound while effortlessly layering whatever he wants for as long as he wants. A sound that prides itself originality that took for forever to come up with. And craft. Its an accumulation of years of sitting in a dark room listening to loads of Detroit techno, hip hop, Tribal house, Motown Classics and all kinds of psychedelic shit, be it musical or the other kind. “A lot of people don’t understand me or my style, which is ok I guess. A lot of people don’t understand how their small intestine works but they damn sure still need it even if they don’t think about it” - Big Space

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